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In the first session, we will discuss the issues you would like to bring to counseling and your personal goals for counseling. We will also start the intake, during which I will ask a variety of questions to get to know you better (including your background/history and significant life experiences). Depending on what you find relevant, and how much you wish to share, the intake may be completed in the first session or may require additional time in the next session. Upon finishing the intake, we will review your goals for counseling and discuss how we can best work towards your goals moving forward.


Although my approach is informed by diverse models/techniques (e.g. EFT, Existential Psychology, etc.), the Gottman Method provides the foundation for my approach in relationship therapy. The Gottman Method begins the therapy process with a thorough 4-step assessment:

  • A 90-minute conjoint session (meaning both/all partners together with the therapist), during which you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about the issues you are facing, as well as some information regarding the history and trajectory of your relationship.

  • An online questionnaire to be completed via the Gottman Institute’s secure (HIPAA compliant) platform (as your therapist, only I will review your questionnaires).

  • A 60-minute individual session for each partner, during which you can share your personal perspective and goals for the relationship and help me learn more about your personal history.

  • A 90-minute conjoint feedback session, during which I review the assessment materials and provide detailed feedback/information. We will discuss the challenges and strengths in your relationship, as well as how I believe we can use the Gottman model (and any other relevant approaches/tools) to work through your challenges towards your goals, while building on existing strengths.


Intensive relationship counseling/therapy (aka ‘marathon therapy’) is a dynamic alternative to traditional weekly sessions and offers a focused and condensed approach to therapy. Intensive relationship therapy will provide you with the time to: 

  • Address specific issues and discuss challenges and struggles in depth.

  • Process past relationship injuries and work towards healing those injuries.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner(s) and your relationship.

  • Develop and practice new relationship and communication skills.

  • Get your relationship back on track and moving towards your relationship goals quickly.


Intensive relationship therapy is an increasingly popular and successful way for partners experiencing distress to stabilize their relationship and begin to re-design, re-imagine and re-build a better and more satisfying relationship together. Partners/couples who have experienced this form of therapy usually describe it as life-changing and transformative. Intensive therapy may be particularly useful for partners/couples who find scheduling regular weekly sessions challenging, don’t live in the vicinity of their therapist, or who feel they need to reduce distress and stabilize their relationship quickly.


Intensive relationship therapy typically consists of 18 hours over three consecutive days (though specific requests, or variations to the hours/schedule, can be discussed). The fee for an 18-hour/3-day intensive is Euro 2280-. The fee for a 12-hour/2-day intensive is Euro 1520-. Fees for offsite or weekend intensives differ. A deposit of 50% is required at the point of reservation, and the remainder of the payment is due three business days prior to the appointment. Cancellations may be made up to 30 days prior to your scheduled appointment with a Euro 500- cancellation fee (the remainder of your deposit will be refunded). Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations within 30 days. Your intensive session may be rescheduled one time; however, the new date must be within three months of your original date. 


Intensive therapy is available in both online and in-person formats. If you are unsure as to whether to follow a more traditional or intensive therapy format, we will discuss which format might be the best fit for you during the free 15-minute consultation call. For more detailed information about intensive relationship therapy, please contact me directly.

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