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I offer individual and relationship counseling/therapy. While I speak and understand quite a bit of Dutch, I provide counseling in English. I offer in-person and online sessions in Amsterdam. Both individual and relationship counseling will be tailored to meet your personal needs and preferences, working with the methods that best suit you, and that best address the specific issues and goals you bring to counseling.


My general counseling approach is client-centered, existential, and psychodynamic in nature. This means that we will take your personal history into account as we explore the issues you bring to counseling, but the focus will be on working together to achieve your goals, in a manner that best works for you. Above all, my approach to counseling is one of collaboration. Further, I have additional training in working with issues related to sex/sexuality and diverse relationship orientations. I take a sex-positive approach to issues around sexuality, and I respect gender, sexuality and relationship diversity, aiming to provide a safe counseling space for all.


For individual counseling, I work in particular with Process-Experiential or Emotion-Focused Therapy. Emotions affect our behaviors, our decisions, our sense of self/identity and our sense of well-being. This evidence-based therapeutic approach can help one to be more aware of, and to better understand their emotional experience, to process difficult emotions and to create new and more positive and productive emotional experience.


While my approach to relationship counseling is informed by my general approach to counseling, and by Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), I typically work with the Gottman Method Couples Therapy (GMCT). GMCT is an evidence-based method for helping partners effectively reduce and manage conflict, and improve their friendship, communication, intimacy, connection, and understanding of each other and their relationship. You can read more about this method here:

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